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Saskatchewan is a province of innovators and artists...many of our country's greatest exports are from Saskatchewan.  The ATM was developed here.  The first online purchase of a compact disc was done in Saskatchewan.  Joni Mitchell, Buffy St. Marie, Colin James, Joe Fafard and Leslie Neilson are just a few of the internationally recognized artists from Saskatchewan.  Saskatchewan is home to dinosaur beds, sand dunes, boreal forests, 100,000 lakes and unbelievable landscapes.  We are home to 70 First Nations, as well as newcomers from around the globe.  Our culture is a varied and diverse as our landscape, and Culture Days is a great way to experience the breadth and depth of our province.  Enjoy your Culture Days weekend!


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August 14, 2014

When artists collaborate great things happen – By Kevin Power

I’m always excited to learn about new spaces popping up that provide opportunities for artists of all genres to create. Finding affordable studio space in any city can be a challenge. During my recent visit to North Battleford to record a SaskScapes podcast with artist Sherron Burns, I had the pleasure of spending time in the newly...

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December 3, 2014

Avoiding Art History?

This is the third contribution from Paul Byron, an artist, art therapist, and educator based out of Toronto.  He will be sharing his stories, and highlights pertaining to the arts and cultural sector. To read more of Paul’s work, head to his personal blog, The Y/X-change. Stay tuned for monthly contributions from Paul.  A lot of...

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